Helping to Make Last Wishes Come True

Looking to support a good cause and have some fun? Our very own sales consultant, Laura Beaver and her husband Jeff are on a mission to raise funds to benefit Eastern NC Make-A-Wish Foundation. There are several ways to jump in and help. You can choose to attend the event, donate a prize for the event, make a monetary donation or bring a gift that can be sold during the silent auction.

All donations will be given to the Eastern NC Make-A-Wish Foundation. To learn more email


Eat More Veggies

The USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid has undergone many changes, has a brand new look and is now called, My Plate. The new plate symbol aims to help Americans make healthy food choices and to be active every day.  Among the several changes, one noticeable difference is the recommended servings of vegetables which has been increased to 2 ½ cups daily. The new suggestions place a greater forward push on prevention and consuming adequate amount of vegetables to stay healthy or even reverse some less desirable heath states.  Getting adequate veggies isn’t all that tough. Simply adding a salad every night to dinner and throwing on a few extra toppings such as carrots, peas, tomatoes or beets can help reach the suggested servings each day. There is such a large variety with vegetables that probably haven’t even been explored by most and could be fun to try on the next grocery outing! 

To learn more about My Plate the new dietary recommendations, check out US Department of Agriculture website at   Cheers to a healthy Spring!

Brown is The New White

The trend has been leaning towards eating more brown grains than eating white grains. Brown whole grains such as rice, flour, and pasta actually has more nutritional value found in the grains. This is because brown rice doesn’t go through the same process that white grains go through. White grains are actually stripped of their nutrients and given that white polish finish, which isn’t natural. Brown rice has all the right nutrients and vitamins needed in your carbohydrate daily servings. Brown rice compared to white rice actually has four times as much protein and other nutritional value. For many, when paired with meat or veggies brown grains such as pasta even taste the same as white grains. The health benefits that brown grains have over white grains are superior. Eating brown grains reduces your chances of diabetes and having high blood sugar levels. It’s an easy change for one to go from white grain products to brown grain products but the change is essential in keeping your body healthy and happy. So make the change today!

Looking to Enjoy the Weather? Explore Sandy Point State Park!

It’s that time of year again- birds chirping, flowers blooming and getting that extra hour of sunlight. Spring is here. If you are looking for a quiet day at the beach but want to avoid the traffic on the Bay Bridge or the long lines to get food on the Ocean City Boardwalk look no further than Sandy Point State Park.
Sandy Point State Park is located right before the Bay Bridge. The beach is located on the Chesapeake Bay and provides over 700 acres of land for one to relax.
From October to April pet owners can even take their pet to the park. Dogs and other animals are allowed to swim and enjoy the bay water. They even have places for animals to drink water and stay hydrated throughout the day.
Sandy Point State Park offers crabbing, fishing, hiking, areas to lie in the sun, camping, having a picnic or even renting a boat for the day. The park has extensive coastline if one wants to run on the beach or wants a more private place to bask in the sun.
The Park has many policies on recycling and ensuring everyone throws away trash. The park staff wants to not only keep the park clean but helps maintain the Chesapeake Bay. They try and do little things like offer more trash cans or have “trash days” where locals can go and help clean up trash. The Park wants to do as much as possible to preserve the Bay and all the wildlife that lives in it.

Sandy Point State Park is a great place to getaway and enjoy a beautiful spring day with some friends, family or even take a lunch break with your co-workers to get outside and appreciate the warm weather.

National Kidney Foundation – Baltimore Kidney Walk

Looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors, get in some exercise and support a good cause? Join with the 1,500 supporters that are expected to participate in Baltimore Kidney Walk on Sunday, May 6th. Over 26 million Americans (1 in 9 adults) have chronic kidney disease and most are not even aware of it. Symptoms often won’t appear until the kidneys are failing and millions experience damage and remain unaware.

Bring awareness and join others for the Kidney Walk on May 6, 2012. Registration opens at 7:30am at the Maryland Zoo entrance and the 1.6 mile walk through the Zoo kicks off at 9am. The walk is open to the whole family and for more information or to walk visit You’ll even see a group of Dynasplint colleagues out there walking too!


It’s March – a little inspiration!

Today is March 1st and the daffodils are popping up all over the place.  It’s a sunny 63 degrees in Annapolis, MD and an outdoor run is calling my name. Need a little push to get up and start moving outside? Or maybe you’re thinking about entering a road race this Spring.

Meet Kathrine Switzer. The first women to enter and complete the Boston Marathon. Click here to read about her incredible story.

Finding Cures and Saving Children

Regional Sales Manager, Andy Burke, is running in the Warrior Dash on 6/16/12 to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Reasearch Hospital.  It costs around $1.6 million dollars every single day to run the hospital, most of which is donations. Help make a difference for these children and support Andy in the challenging Warrior Dash race.

To donate, visit Andy’s own donation page.

Children from all 50 states and from around the world have come through the doors of St. Jude for treatment, and thousands more have benefited from the research conducted at St. Jude — research that is shared freely with the global medical community. St. Jude is the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for anything.

Caring for our DSI family

Our very own, Karyn, shares her story on why running The Maryland Half Marathon will be so meaningful this year. Please read from Karyn below.

Hi Everyone!

Some of you know of my brother-in-law’s 10 month battle with cancer. Dave passed away peacefully & with No Regrets in October.  In fact, I was at my Comp I training during this time.  The Dynasplint family essentially took me in and did everything they could to make this trying time as smooth as possible. 

Dave received his treatment at the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center; and from his first time in January to the last hospitalization in June and the subsequent support he was given while on hospice care, he was shown only professional competence and sincere compassion. The UM Greenebaum Cancer Center made a very difficult time a little easier to deal with.  Our family is gathering a team to run The Maryland Half Marathon (May 6, 2012-Howard County) to help raise money for this wonderful facility. 

Please consider joining me in running/walking this event to honor of Dave and all cancer patients. You can register here:  We will be running as Dave’s team “No Regrets” & will have a post run celebration for our team and all of our family & friends.

If you decide to run please let me know ( so we can be sure to keep our group together.  If you can’t run please consider sponsoring me to raise money for this wonderful organization- my webpage link is  Either way, please think about joining us on May 6th for support and celebration!

No Regrets…That was Dave’s saying since he was diagnosed with cancer in January 2011.  Dave didn’t want the diagnosis that he got –but he lived well, loved well and treated everyone with respect.  This is his legacy & it will live on in his family and friends.  He was and continues to be a great inspiration –No Regrets

Please help me honor Dave by supporting the Greenebaum Cancer Center in the Maryland Half Marathon. 

Orthopedic Sales Rep


Get up and out of your chair!

By most standards, I live an active lifestyle and am physically fit.  I do, however, primarily have a desk job.  It varies day to day and sometimes I am very active while other days I am sitting for nearly 6-8 hours in a row without many steps taken at all.  Most days I am good about  going to the gym after work and hitting the elliptical or stair climber to get blood flowing again. I have always believed workouts were making up for the long periods of sitting – well, I was wrong.

Over the past month, I’ve been reading and seeing reports stating that sitting for long period of time is extremely harmful and increases fat storage and risk for heart attacks. And get this- that risk is for anyone that sits for a long time regardless if we exercise or not!

 I know I don’t feel that great after the sedentary days since my eyes hurt, my legs are sore and I usually feel more fatigued than I do on the really active days. I just didn’t have a clue that sitting could be so harmful. The experts recommended “interruptions” from your desk. They suggest getting up for water breaks, instead of emailing a co-worker to actually get up and walk to their office and talk with them face-to-face.  

The interruptions do not have to be long, just frequent enough and about every hour.  I guess we all have more of an excuse to get up and take part of the water cooler chatter.

Happy interruptions!