In a Sea of Race Bibs and T-Shirts?

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If you’re like me you’ve completed a bunch of races which has generated quite a pile of race bibs and t-shirts!  At first it was exciting to keep these items as proof of my accomplishments–first the 5K’s then the half marathons!  But as the number of races increased over the years and the one drawer of race t-shirts morphed into 3 I found myself wondering what I could do with all of those items.  I certainly couldn’t throw them away but the old shirts are faded and the new shirts are plentiful…not to mention those race numbers!

You may have already heard of having a quilt made of the race t-shirts, but have you heard of a shoulder bag?!  That’s right.  While perusing my running literature I found this and couldn’t wait to share the great idea!  Take those race items and make a shoulder bag!

The creator was kind enough to not only share her idea but also provided great photos along with the step by step instructions.

Check this out!

Do you have a great idea that you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear from you.

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