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Today, over 26 million Americans have been diagnosed with chronic Kidney disease.  Dynasplint® colleagues, Patricia Boteler and Brittany Fooks have felt the weight of this terrible disease first hand. Patty’s family has been rocked by kidney disease for as long as she can remember.  Her nephew, Chris, lived with this disease his whole life.  After undergoing two excruciating kidney transplants (one donated by their father) he later died waiting for a much needed third transplant last summer.  Chris was 33.  He left behind his wife and two young children searching for answers.  Chris’s younger brother, Joel (26 years old), also has kidney disease.  Joel was the recipient of one of his sisters matching kidneys last fall—improving his condition greatly, but not leaving him without a fight.  Science tells us that most strands of kidney disease are hereditary though tests for Chris and Joel would indicate their strands were not related.  Uncertainty remains as to how their family will be further affected by this disease in the future.

To help the Schaum family and others affected by this deadly disease, join Patty and Brittany on the Maryland Kidney Foundation Kidney Walk.  Click to learn more about the National Kidney Foundation or to join the Annual Kidney Walk.

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