Ride a Bike—Avoid the (gas) Pump!

Wow—have you had to fill the gas tank in your car lately?  Sure does make sense to start considering alternative methods of transportation.

Perhaps you’ve thought about becoming a commuter cyclist but need a refresher course in basic skills of cycling.  On May 1 Bike Maryland is offering such a course that will also include cycling safety and bike handling—and it’s FREE.  They are a local organization that offers quite a few special events throughout the year.  Their mission it is to encourage and promote bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions, and provide a voice for bicyclists in Maryland.  

Not in Maryland?  No worries, lots of local bicycling groups can be found by a simple internet search or stopping by your local bike shop.

Get ready because May 20, 2011 is national Bike to Work Day!

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