Want to be more aware of how hard you’re working out?!

Longer days and warmer weather entice us to leave the gym and take our workouts outside.  Leaving the gym is also leaving the treadmill, bike and elliptical that tells us how long we have been working out, distance traveled, calories burned and sometimes even our heart rate.  

If you want to be outside and yet still curious and want to stay motivated by some biometrics, you may want to look into a sports watch that takes out the guessing game of it you’re working out hard or not. The simplest one I’ve found is the Garmin Forerunner 110. It’s as simple as taking it out of the box, charging it up and wearing it on your run.  This little sidekick will help you track your workouts to get faster and more engaged in each workout as you can view your speed, distance and how hard you’re pushing it each time you hit the pavement.

Now all you need is sunscreen and a hat and you’re ready to go! Happy running.

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