Running With A Mission

Our very own Dynasplint sales consultant, Ryan Simmons, is running the 2012 Boston Marathon and spreading the word about Summer Search. Summer Search is an organization that helps resilient at-risk children rise above their current circumstances to maybe become a future leader in their communities.  A shocking statistic is that only 14% of all entering freshman into the Boston district and exam schools will graduate from college. Summer search wants this percentage to steadily increase. They take on a comprehensive and hands on approach through mentoring and two exploration programs. The kids that go through summer search all graduated high school and 89% go on to graduate from college. They are often the first in their family with a college degree.

Here’s why Summer Search is near and dear to Ryan:

“I too grew up as an at-risk child where, at times, we didn’t know if we would have food on the table or even afford rent. Yet, somehow, I was blessed with a very resilient mother that found a way to not only get food from the local church but get me scholarships for private Catholic school from K-12. It was her persistence and the mentorship I received from the priests, nuns and other teachers at those schools that helped me become the successful man I am today. I want to pay it forward by helping these local children in my community to achieve what I have been given the opportunity to achieve and more”

Interested in donating and contributing to the good cause? View Ryan’s fundraiser website ( where you can donate today and help him reach his $5000 goal.

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