Get up and out of your chair!

By most standards, I live an active lifestyle and am physically fit.  I do, however, primarily have a desk job.  It varies day to day and sometimes I am very active while other days I am sitting for nearly 6-8 hours in a row without many steps taken at all.  Most days I am good about  going to the gym after work and hitting the elliptical or stair climber to get blood flowing again. I have always believed workouts were making up for the long periods of sitting – well, I was wrong.

Over the past month, I’ve been reading and seeing reports stating that sitting for long period of time is extremely harmful and increases fat storage and risk for heart attacks. And get this- that risk is for anyone that sits for a long time regardless if we exercise or not!

 I know I don’t feel that great after the sedentary days since my eyes hurt, my legs are sore and I usually feel more fatigued than I do on the really active days. I just didn’t have a clue that sitting could be so harmful. The experts recommended “interruptions” from your desk. They suggest getting up for water breaks, instead of emailing a co-worker to actually get up and walk to their office and talk with them face-to-face.  

The interruptions do not have to be long, just frequent enough and about every hour.  I guess we all have more of an excuse to get up and take part of the water cooler chatter.

Happy interruptions!

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