Brown is The New White

The trend has been leaning towards eating more brown grains than eating white grains. Brown whole grains such as rice, flour, and pasta actually has more nutritional value found in the grains. This is because brown rice doesn’t go through the same process that white grains go through. White grains are actually stripped of their nutrients and given that white polish finish, which isn’t natural. Brown rice has all the right nutrients and vitamins needed in your carbohydrate daily servings. Brown rice compared to white rice actually has four times as much protein and other nutritional value. For many, when paired with meat or veggies brown grains such as pasta even taste the same as white grains. The health benefits that brown grains have over white grains are superior. Eating brown grains reduces your chances of diabetes and having high blood sugar levels. It’s an easy change for one to go from white grain products to brown grain products but the change is essential in keeping your body healthy and happy. So make the change today!

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