Eat More Veggies

The USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid has undergone many changes, has a brand new look and is now called, My Plate. The new plate symbol aims to help Americans make healthy food choices and to be active every day.  Among the several changes, one noticeable difference is the recommended servings of vegetables which has been increased to 2 ½ cups daily. The new suggestions place a greater forward push on prevention and consuming adequate amount of vegetables to stay healthy or even reverse some less desirable heath states.  Getting adequate veggies isn’t all that tough. Simply adding a salad every night to dinner and throwing on a few extra toppings such as carrots, peas, tomatoes or beets can help reach the suggested servings each day. There is such a large variety with vegetables that probably haven’t even been explored by most and could be fun to try on the next grocery outing! 

To learn more about My Plate the new dietary recommendations, check out US Department of Agriculture website at   Cheers to a healthy Spring!

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