Rev up your workout! Cure for Mid Winter blues-part 2

Perhaps you are not the group exercise type and prefer to go it alone on the treadmill, the elliptical or the bike. Perhaps you hit the tiles and lift, step up and squat. But let’s face it- we all need a little lift in the months while the sun is still low in the sky.

It’s been studied and proven: From Livestrong “The effect that music may have on you is complex. While you may not have given it much thought, it is not a coincidence that many gyms and exercise classes play music in the background. Music can aid exercise in a number of ways and can have a positive effect on fitness.

According to Costas Karageorghis, an associate professor with Brunel University in England, who has been studying the relationship between music and motivation since 1988. Dance and some rock songs, which usually have a tempo of between 120 and 140 beats per minute, have been shown to increase motivation. Bingo!

This is all just great, unless your ipod’s bumping tunes are unheard because you can’t keep your earbuds in. I’ve tried the buds that Apple supplies- but they fall out. It seems, that I have petite ear structure (oh were it that my hips and seat had the same!) I tried the switchback style, and they were uncomfortable and hot behind my neck. I tried the buds with ear wraps, and they just fell half way out. And then I was introduced to the Bose IE1 earbuds. The sound is what you’d expect from Bose- smooth, full and natural- wonderful really. The best part is that they fit and stay put! The soft flexible proprietary StayHear™ ear tips nestle inside the bowl of the ear while naturally conforming to the ear’s upper ridge. Heaven. Watch out, elipitcal-I’m baaaack!

Cure for the Mid Winter Work Out Blues

It’s Monday. It’s icy. It’s snowy, and very cold. What motivates you to get into and stay in shape? I have made my resolution to dance party myself fit and slim. Zumba is “an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.” It’s the gym-haters answered prayer, and this author’s way to burn 800 calories in an hour and laugh all the way. The teacher at my gym is super high energy and encouraging, and the class is diverse in age and shape and actually quite crowded. In fact, the crowd lines up outside the room 20 minutes and rushes in to get a good spot. It’s a competitive propositon from the get-go to get a primo spot. And our community is not unique- since its debut in Miami in 2001, Beto’s Zumba has introduced many thousands to high-energy Latin beats and gotten them grooving to Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia. Try this exhilerating class sometime. It’s great for the core and a lift for the spirit!

National Run @ Work Day is Tomorrow!

Dynasplint colleagues are enthusiastically partnering with the Road Runners Club of America by participating in the 5th Annual National Run @ Work Day on September 17th, 2010.
We are getting in on the action by hosting a 30 minute run or walk on the Baltimore Annapolis Trail on Friday, September 17th.

Incorporating exercise into one’s daily routine can remarkably improve overall physical health and flourishing. Weight loss, improved strenghth, growth of bone density, and improved mood are all benefits of walking and running.   

Another benefit of getting moving is getting the endorphins kicking. The body produces endorphins as natural fighters to ward off pain and stress as well as make one feel energized and in a brighter mood. Exercise is proven to make us lose weight, feel better, increase energy, live longer, prevent chronic health conditions and enhance sleep. 

Are you going to be out on the Trail at either 8:00am or 5:00pm? If so, come join in the fun!! Hope to see you all out there!

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon: “Cross the Potomac to an Awakening”

On September 19, 2010 runners can, for the first time ever, race across the bridge from Virginia into Maryland.

The famous Woodrow Wilson Bridge has been one of Washington’s landmarks since the early ‘60s.  In 2008 the old bridge was replaced with a new bridge—one that offers a wide running path!

The scenic route starts at Mount Vernon and includes breathtaking views of the White House, U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument and Old Town Alexandria.  In order to get to the finish line at National Harbor, where the famous Awakening statute awaits you, you will need to master the half-mile uphill challenge appropriately dubbed, “The Rude Awakening.”

There will be a post-race party that includes entertainment, food and a beer truck.

USA Track & Field is touring the country to promote the sport and showcase its best and brightest events.  So look for the USATF Mobile Marketing Tour Van during race weekend as they have selected to visit this race! They will also have a selection of their USATF gear to sell at the meet.

Like to run for a charity, there are six charity partners for this race.  Details can be found on the race’s website:

Click on this link to register for this race:  Registration closes on Saturday, September 18, 2010 @ 8:59 p.m.

Support our friend Jeff for a GREAT cause.

As some of you know, this is the year of conquering the Pan Mass Challenge for me.  Biking the 200 miles over 2 days from Sturbridge, MA to Provincetown, MA raising money for the Jimmy Fund, Dana Farber Hospital, and cancer research has been on my To-Do list since I moved to Boston .  I am reaching out to you for your support in this endeavor.   Cancer is a disease that has probably touched all of our lives in one way or another.  The PMC has been raising money for cancer research for over 30 years and has become the event of the summer that Massachusettes  looks forward to each and every year.   The organization prides itself on donating 100% of the proceeds to help in the fight against cancer, so please help support the cause and my ride. 

It is easy to sponsor me by going to and looking me up by my rider number JL0314.  All donations will be greatly appreciated, big or small.  Every little bit helps and will go a long way in the fight against cancer, so please help me fight the battle.

Are you fit?

I broke into the biking world about 4 years ago after hearing the sad news that I desperately needed to cut back on my running.  At a young age my knees were in pretty bad shape and it was difficult for me to run 3-5 miles without discomfort.  A friend of mine was an avid cyclist and took me out to learn about biking.  Soon after, I had a road bike, helmet, shoes, shades and I was ready to put in the miles. At the time I knew little about the importance of the proper frame size and bike fit. I was fit for my bike at the time I bought my bike and never questioned the fit.  I road and road and started to see how biking could turn into a love over running.

Almost 4 years later, I’ve been noticing discomfort in my hip, one knee and shoulders. I attributed it to my body changing over the years and that maybe I just needed to stretch more and build up my neck and shoulder strength.  After talking with some of my bike guru friends, they suggested that I go see a professional and get fit again for my bike.

This past Wednesday I met with Joshua Simonds. To my surprise (or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised) my entire riding position was changed. Josh raised my seat 4.5”, lowered my bars, moved my seat back and told me to grip closer to my body when using my aerobars.  WOW – no wonder I was experiencing discomfort! I road with Josh for a little that night and all of the changes felt surprisingly natural. Tonight will be the real test as I am venturing out for a 30 mile ride and will really feel the difference.

I’ve always wondered how the pro’s can ride and ride for 100+ miles or how people ride 50+ miles a day for a month in a tour across America or Europe. Yes, there is given talent and much training and preparation involved but a good bike fit also lends itself to being able to endure that mileage. I would suggest anyone that enjoys biking and whether it your sport or fun recreation, to be properly fit. Biking is a life-long, gentle on the joints sport, so be kind to your body and take the time to be fit. I can assure you, it is well worth the time and money!

Happy biking!

DSI at the RAAM Finish

Members of Team 4MIL

Twelve days and 3,000 miles later, the Race Across America Teams are coming to an end in Annapolis, MD.  DSI colleagues went to greet Team 4MIL as they were waiting by the finish to cheer in the number 2 team across the finish line.  Team ViaSat rolled in just before 9am this morning taking the number 2 spot. Way to go!! All proceeds from the race benefit The Wounded Warrior Project. Click here to see VIASAT cross the finish

DSI rides with Wounded Warriors

On May the 1st I had the great privilege of riding by bike with some true American Heroes.  These men are combat wounded soldiers with hearts of gold.  That morning when Glenn Headley and I arrived we immediately noticed these three wheeled bikes that were given motion by hand and arm power not leg power.  These bikes were referred to as hand bikes and the men on them had suffered terrible injuries that resulted in the loss of one or both of their legs.  These men acted with dignity and showed extreme courage facing the challenging course ahead of them. 

            As we left Jonas Green State Park we started our first climb to the summit of the Naval Academy Bridge led by an escort of the Annapolis Police and the Department of Defense Police. Once we reached the top of the bridge we came to a stop and were given the chance to soak in the view of the Severn River and the United States Naval Academy.  While we sat on top of the bridge the local law enforcement was working their magic with traffic control and I was expecting the locals to be irritated that they were inconvenienced by the cyclists taking in the view.  To my surprise people yelled and honked their horns.  The passers by yelled thank you for your service and honked their horns with gratitude.  Quite a bit of time passed buy while we were on the bridge and I started to wonder why we were waiting so long and that is when I realized that one of wounded warriors had gotten a flat tire as soon as we started.  That is when you realize how important it is that no soldier is left behind.  Once the missing soldier made it to the top of the bridge we resumed our ride.

            During the entire ride we received a warm reaction from the residents of Annapolis.  However, the most memorable experience for me is when we made that right turn next to Hallogan Hall and entered the prestigious grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy.  As we rode through the grounds of the Academy we were welcomed by hundreds of mid shipmen, soldiers and officers lining the streets clapping and cheering us on like champions that just one the big game.

            I will never forget this experience and would like to extend my gratitude to the Wounded Warrior Project and Dynasplint Systems for making it possible for me to participate.

 Thank You
Brian Catterton